4 Benefits of Renting a Private Salon Suite

Are you a beauty professional aspiring to have your own salon, but don’t have any idea where to start? Or do you currently manage your own salon but feel as if your lease isn’t to your satisfaction and need to find a new alternative? Maybe the solution you’re looking for is renting a private salon suite. 

Private salon suites are smaller studio-like spaces within a larger salon or building designed for individual beauty professionals to manage their businesses independently. Each suite is designed to accommodate one beauty professional at a time and is locked with a key, ensuring privacy and security. These suites are usually fully equipped with all the necessary furniture, fixtures, and equipment needed to operate a beauty business, depending on the private salon space you choose. 

But what makes renting a private salon suite different from having your own salon? There are many reasons why renting a private salon can be beneficial to your business, here are some of the top ones to consider: 

Becoming Your Own Boss

salon own boss

When you decide to rent a private salon suite, you take on the responsibility of being your own boss. That means that you create your own schedule, clients, brand, etc. You have immediate 24/7 access to your suite which enables you to work as early or as late as you need. You also get to set your own prices and keep your earnings. Instead of splitting a percentage of your earnings, you only pay a fixed rate for renting your salon space. 

Basically, you can do whatever you need to do to run your business the way YOU want it. And one of the best parts is that you’ll have access to many amenities within the building that you don’t need to worry about maintenance for. 


flexibility on your time

Private salon suites offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and operating your business. You can set your own hours and manage your appointments without having to adhere to a set schedule or policies. You can cater to as many or as few clients, varying day-to-day. 

This allows you to have full control over your work/life balance and make time for family and friends, which are equally important. 

Privacy & Personalization

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Renting a salon suite also provides clients with a more personalized and private experience, which can be especially beneficial for those who prefer a more intimate and relaxing environment. You won’t have to worry about interruptions from other stylists or customers. You can create an atmosphere that matches your personal style and brand, which can help attract and retain clients.

Not only will you and your clients experience the utmost privacy, but most salon suites also offer great security solutions to ensure your safety. Only you and the building managers have keyed access to the building and your suite. 


These salon suites offer beauty professionals the opportunity to have their own businesses without the high overhead costs associated with owning or leasing a larger commercial space. You only pay for the space you need, and you don’t have to worry about sharing expenses with other tenants. 

This benefit is really important if you are looking to maximize your earnings without sacrificing the luxury of any of the other benefits that are listed above. You’ll appreciate being able to control your income and not necessarily needing to split percentages (depending on employees) or extra expenses you could otherwise face with your own salon. 

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Here at Avery & Birch salon suite rentals, we offer beauty professionals and their clients a level of luxury, quality, and comfort that simply cannot be matched. With three levels to accommodate multiple layouts of salon suites, there is plenty of room for long-term suite rentals or short-term rentals until you have your own salon space. 


Additionally, we offer on-site laundry, lounge areas on each floor, free WiFi, and in-house marketing for an additional fee. We also are working on getting our on-site coffee/juice bar finalized so you and your clients can enjoy some drinks on the outdoor patio!


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